When someone asks you “what do you do?” what do you tell them? Weve all been asked this question. People ask me “so what is your site about?” even more now as the sites readership increases. What has surprised me is how off guard I find myself. I have a fairly detailed “about” page on this web site but I find it hard to put that in to a short verbal description.

An elevator speech is a statement that lasts no more than a minute. It gives the listener a quick understanding about what you do. Keeping your “elevator speech” to no more than 60 seconds is a good idea not only because it is an average ride on an elevator, but also is the attention span of the person you are talking with. If you can’t grab your listener with a compelling message in less than 60 seconds, they will never remember you.

Last week I was at an event where I had an opportunity to meet a lot of other professionals. As clear as I am about my writing project, I really struggled with verbalizing what my writing was about when asked. I was able to practice several different versions, some felt right while others were . . . well . . . horrible.

So with this week’s experience I have been working on my elevator speech. I would love to hear from you on this subject. I could use your help.

  • What is your elevator speech?
    • What is important to include?
    • What is important to exclude?
  • If you don’t have an elevator speech, have you ever been caught off guard like I was?
  • If someone asked you what My Simple Inspiration is all about, what would you tell them?

If you have never commented this is a good time to comment. A lot of people will be helped by your thoughts and ideas (especially me). When writing a comment, you will be asked for your email and name but please know that this information stays with me.