When my wife and I were dating, she was a girl I knew. When she agreed to marry me, she had become a woman. But the minute she gave birth, she became a mother instantly.

I am not talking about technically being a mother. She morphed and somehow knew how to be a mother. I knew that when we had kids she would probably be a good mother, but she turned in to an entirely new person the minute she held our first daughter in her arms.

Nothing happened to me except for realizing the terror of having the dad label and dad responsibility. When the nurse at the hospital told us we could go home with our new baby, I felt totally unqualified. I remember thinking, “what makes you think I am qualified to take this baby home?”. At this time, I didn’t know about my wife’s metamorphosis. She knew immediately when to feed, when and how to bathe, and when an how to change diapers. She knew what every cry meant.

Over the years, she continues to impress me with knowing just the right words to give encouragement to our children, what the right decisions were when disciplining, and knowing when to leave our kids alone.

I am sure my mother had a similar morphing. Motherhood is an amazing transformation. I have been truly blessed to be able to observe her transformation from my seat. Happy Mother’s Day to the mother of my children, my mom, my mother in-law, both of my sister-in-laws, both of my grandmothers, my aunts, and all our friends and neighbors who are mothers today.