A lot of people (like me) complain about their problems. We feel that we must have done something wrong to create a problem. Sometimes that is right. Some problems happen to us without our help.


Problems should be expected. Life is the experience of dealing with problems. Problems are what make life worth living. Almost everything we do in life could be described as a problem.

  • We eat because we have a problem with our body that needs constant fuel to continue to work properly.
  • We work because we have a problem and a need for financial support. Some things we buy are needs and admittedly many things we don’t need but making financial decisions is a problem.
  • We have a problem with deciding what to do. We have so many things to do so we have to decide between what we do and don’t do.
  • We have a problem trying to get along with people or compromising or giving our time or doing a favor or being a friend.

Other problems are more difficult.

  • Deciding whether to take a new job is a problem.
  • Deciding to make a major purchase is a problem.
  • Deciding what to do after making a bad decision is a problem.
  • Deciding how to budget your money is a problem.
  • Deciding where to spend your vacation or go to college or give money or get some rest is a problem.

But problems are a gift. The bigger the problem that you can overcome the more satisfying the experience. I say that problems are a gift because it is our best opportunity to learn and grow. You will learn more from your problems than you will from any school because nothing beats the experience of dealing with problems.

Even if you aren’t successful overcoming a problem it is still good to have had the problem. It isn’t a failure when you don’t overcome a problem. Failure is not learning from your mistakes. I heard Harvey Mackay recently say, “Failure is falling down and staying down”. Get back up and decide what you will do differently. Problems are the fuel of creativity.

What have been some of your most challenging problems?
What have you learned from your problems?

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3 thoughts on “Problems are not a problem

  • at 9:29 am

    We live in a society where we have made it okay to complain. Over time the constant complaining wears thin and shows immaturity of wanting to blame. I wish I had known this and embraced it earlier in my life. As my young adult children are now entering the world of work, they like to complain about things they cannot change. That is the difference about complaining, knowing what you can and cannot change, know the difference as that will change how you approach making changes in your life and reduce the complaining. Again, all easier said than done but need to keep working on in our journey.


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