You may not think what you do matters but everything you do matters. People are watching everything you say and do. People are making judgments about you including what you wear and how you act.

It may be politically incorrect to judge someone but it is human nature. Think of two people who you look up to and admire. Now, think of two people that you do not admire. Now ask yourself, what’s the difference? What about the people you admire makes you admire them? What about the people you don’t admire makes you not admire them? You are probably judging them for what they have said, or done, or how they present themselves and how they treat people. Everyone you know is making the same judgment about you. It may not seem fair but it is reality.

I have seen this countless times. A guy I used to work with would gossip about other people. When he was with the people he gossiped about, he would act like their friend. He thought that talking about other people would forge a bond with the people he gossiped to. He struggled creating any real friendships because everyone knew that he was probably talking about them behind their back too.

We have all had that “sixth sense” when we know friendship isn’t genuine. So how do we become someone that people look up to?

You should always focus on being an example to others. Even when you think other people aren’t around. How you conduct yourself when you don’t have to be on your best behavior transcends subconsciously to other parts of your life.

I determined three areas that I am trying to be an example to others this year:

  • Always be honest. Sometimes honesty comes at a price. I don’t have to be brutal with my honesty and hurt a valuable relationship. Part of my honesty has been a focus on not bending the truth just to avoid conflict. I try to be honest in a beneficial way. I spend much of my honesty focus on being honest with myself which is sometimes even more difficult.
  • Be a leader in everything. John Maxwell says that “leadership is a verb, not a noun”. Being a leader is being an example to others. I try to think like a leader and make decisions (even the hard ones) by asking myself, What would a leader do?
  • Be productive in everything. I am constantly asking if what I am doing right now is productive or is it giving in to a distraction. This is a constant struggle for me. I will write in a future blog about using your mission statement to keep you focused on productivity. This doesn’t mean that I always have to be productive. I value time to rest and just have fun sometimes.

Thomas Jefferson said an incredible quote that I have used for years, “act as if the entire world is watching then act accordingly”. Anything you do should be something you would be proud if anyone was watching.

What do other people do that causes you to lose respect for them? What do you do that people look up to? Write a comment here.