It can be difficult to know how to act in some situations. An easy answer can be to do what other people think you should do. After all, why would someone want you do to something that isn’t good. Some bad decisions come from trying to impress other people. Impressing other people is too difficult to maintain. You will get in to the trap of seeking other people’s opinions before acting. Instead, do what impresses you.

Sometimes it can be making a decision about how you spend your time. Other times it can be what career you choose.

We all have this natural mechanism within us that something just doesn’t feel right when making some decisions we know are wrong for us. Focus on what you know is right. Trust your intuition because it is right most of the time.

Ask questions like these:

  • Where is the motivation for this decision? Is it your motivation or someone else’s?
  • Does your decision help someone else? If your decision helps someone who needs help make sure helping them is good for them and if so do it.
  • Is the decision going to impress someone else? You probably already know because it doesn’t feel right. Pause and consider before taking actions like these.
  • Does the decision help only you? Be cautious about decisions that help only you. If the decision helps you and because of it you will be able to help someone else, then do it. Otherwise proceed with caution.

Be true to yourself. Throughout life people will let you know what they think you should do. Determine where the motivation is coming from. It is up to you to make the right decision.

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” – Dr. Seuss

What good decision did you make that you were glad you did?
What poor decision did you make that now in hindsight was wrongly motivated?

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  • at 1:59 am

    I think being true to yourself is so important for living a significant life. True to your core values and beliefs. Great post.

    I just found your blog and really enjoy it.


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