What would happen if you wanted to fire your internet service provider (ISP)? An ISP is the company that you pay to get internet access at home. Some examples are Road Runner™, Comcast®, Verizon®, AT&T™, or Earthlink™. You may want to fire your ISP if they jack up your rates, provide bad service, you find a better deal, or you move. But you’re locked in with your ISP because they are also your email provider.


It is very hard to switch your email address. Everyone you know already knows your email address. You have accounts with on-line services that are connected to your email.

The solution is to get an internet based email provider. Internet based email is available free from several companies like Google®, Yahoo®, and Windows Live™.

There are several major benefits to internet email:

  • You can switch ISPs anytime. No need to contact everyone in your email list when you switch. Note: ISPs offer free email because people will keep the service to avoid converting email.
  • Access your email anywhere. You can access your email on any device with internet access (at someone else’s computer, public computer, smart phone, or tablet)
  • Massive storage space. Most all internet email service offer astronomical storage space. In other words, your in-box will never fill up.
  • Email is backed up. Internet email is backed up on the online service (email that you download to your computer is lost if your computer crashes).
  • Switching later is easier. If you choose to switch to another internet email service, part of switching can automatically forward your email to your new email.

It will be a pain the first time you switch. You will be handling two email addresses at the same time. But, it is worth doing this one last time.

  • Decide which email provider to use. Any of the top providers are good choices. I use Google’s gmail for my personal email and for my business email because Google isn’t going out of business anytime soon. The future of Google is also good with the success of Google’s Android operating system.
  • Learn the new system. There will be some basic instructions and maybe even some video training that will help you learn your new email system. Take a little time to learn the new email. Gmail is a different kind of email system that will require to think about email in a different way. Once you learn it you will like it.
  • Upload your contacts. If possible download your contacts from your current email provider and then upload them to your new provider.
  • Setup automatic forward. If your old email system offers it, setup your old email to start automatically forwarding new email to your new email address.
  • Only use your new email. This is the most important step. Commit to using only your new mail. You will find reasons to use your old email from time to time but stick with your new email. Start telling people your new email. Send email only from your new email. People you email will start to use your new email. If your new email offers an automatic signature add a line like “this is my new email, please update your contact list”.

After 3 months you will be comfortable with your new email. After 6 months, you will be using only your new email.

What do you like about your email provider? What don’t you like? If you are using an ISP email, why? Read comments here or add your own.