Check your attitude: Its your responsibility

Stephen Covey describes this as “responsibility” or “response-ability”. You have the ability (or responsibility) to choose how you respond. If you have a bad attitude, it is because you have chosen it. Likewise, if you have a good attitude, it is because you have chosen it.

I choose to have a good attitude in most everything that I do. I am not any better than anyone else. I am sure that most of my friends and family will tell you that I generally have a good attitude. It has taken me years of practice and decisions to have a good attitude when I didn’t want to.

I have found that having a good attitude makes life easier. In the heat of the moment I admit that it seems to feel good to lash out at people and have a bad attitude. From time to time I still do that. In reality when I have a good attitude, more will work out for me and more will work out for for you too.

A bad attitude invites things to go wrong in your life. Bad events compound on each other. As soon as one thing goes wrong, another just as bad or worse happens. Both a good and bad attitude creates a cycle which is a part of how life works. Both will have a direct effect on your success.

When you have a bad attitude:

  • Identify that you have a bad attitude. Like they say, the first step to fixing a problem is recognizing that there is a problem. Be honest with yourself, acknowledge it, and label it.
  • Determine why you have a bad attitude. Some event has happened to you that you are using for an excuse to be have a bad attitude. Determine what that is.
  • Admit that you have chosen to have a bad attitude. It is all up to you. Even if someone did something bad to you and now you are mad, only you can chose your reaction. Eleanor Roosevelt said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” It is up to you to choose your attitude.
  • Decide to change your attitude. Decide that you are going to have a good attitude and then do it. It won’t be easy at first but eventually, with practice you will get better at determining your attitude.

“Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” Abraham Lincoln. Make up your mind to have a good attitude. Start tomorrow morning. No . . . start right now. Check your attitude. If it isn’t good, decide to make it good right now. If it isn’t easy or you don’t feel like it, it is an indication that that muscle isn’t developed as much as it needs to be. You need to exercise that muscle more to make it more developed.

Who wants to be around someone who has a bad attitude? You keep people from wanting to be around you. And, keeping people away from you isnt helping anyone.

What do you do when you recognize you have a bad attitude? Read comments below or write your own here.