Giving Instead of Taking

Giving is a lot more fun than taking. When was the last time you were not able to make yourself smile when you saw the face of a four year old child receiving a double-scoop ice cream cone? The child definitely enjoyed the gift, but any adult who appreciates kids will tell you that these events of giving stick. They changes who you are.

Taking fulfills needs but often the needs are there due to mind altering situations in life that provided you with the impetus to take. In other words the needs are false. Taking occurs only when there is pain involved. You won’t take when you are full of love, happy, and ultimately satisfied with who you are. It’s not natural if you are a stable person.

Counter that. If you are a stable person and your life is suddenly dissolved into a frenzy of loss, the brain stem takes over and you are no longer you. It is then normal to take. It’s called animal instinct to survive under derisive conditions. Consequently normal can have two opposing meanings. Normal under what conditions?

Western society was primarily built on doing for self. It’s not healthy according to the standards of those who have the ability to think for themselves completely enough to see that they are not separated from the rest of society. However, business practices, theories and many colleges that teach business still depend on the idea that business works best under competition and under competition the number one rule is take. Knowing this, one realizes the controversial world that we live in teaches two opposing philosophies simultaneously: Good people give. Successful people take. This has created a delusional outlook among most, thinking that they are good people as they practice the capitalistic norm. Schizophrenia ensues. Society is sick. The human mind has a habit of self-punishment when it feels it is doing something wrong. It’s a common psychological malady.

What has caused the schizophrenic condition of society? People. Who is responsible for finding health again? Watch the kid with the ice cream. It’ll come to you.