What do you do? A follow-up.

Special Notice: Be sure to check back next Tuesday, June 28 for a special blog post. I will describe the experience I had this past weekend when my blog site was featured on For those of you who found this blog last weekend and stick around until next Tuesday, I think you will especially appreciate it.

In early May, I published a blog about preparing an elevator speech. I was unprepared when people asked me so, what do you do?. It is a good idea to be prepared for this question. It is you golden opportunity to discover if you can make a connection with someone new.

I got a lot of help from an accountability group I meet with each week. We all worked on our elevator speech and are ready for someone to ask us what we do.

The next time you ask me what I do, I should respond with something like this:

I love inspiring people to make good choices. I am an experienced speaker and writer. My focus is on personal accountability and effectiveness that leads to productive leadership. I am writing a book, I blog at least twice a week, and I speak to groups of all sizes. I am publishing my first book by the end of the year.For example . . .

Why did I craft my elevator speech this way?

  • Make the other person ask a follow-up question. Kandis Boyd offered a great suggestion to start of with something that makes the other person ask another question. I really do love inspiring people to make good choices. Dont you want to know how I do that?
  • How do you do that? I continue with saying that I do that through speaking and writing.
  • What is it? I explain that I focus on personal accountability and effectiveness that leads to productive leadership.
  • What do I produce? I describe what I am working on right now (writing a book, blogging twice a week, and speaking).
  • What one goal am I working on? Telling the other person that I expect to write a book by the end of the year shows them that I have a specific objective I am working toward.
  • For example. . . I can tell a story about a recent success like being a featured blogger on freshly pressed.

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