Second month of blogging

Two months ago I started posting blogs. As with the tradition I started after my first month of blogging, I thought I would publish a blog today to announce some highlights in the blog.

Thank you to my subscribers. I have increased to 21 subscribers to the blog site. Subscribers get an automated email as soon as the next blog post is published.

I post a blog three times a week. In May, 18 blog posts were published.

The site’s top five most popular posts were:

  1. Check your attitude: Its your responsibility
  2. What do you do? . . . in 60 seconds
  3. Are you following the crowd? Make a difference with your own path
  4. Cut the strings: why you need an internet based email
  5. People are watching you

The site now has ten categories (Accountability, Effectiveness, Evaluation, Motivation, Personal Development, Planning, Producing, Productivity, Relationships) and 198 tags.

The site’s busiest days was Monday, May 2. I have several improvements planned for June.

In addition to Facebook, I can also be followed now on Twitter.

Thank you for supporting the site and for your personal support of me. I hope you have a great week. Normal posting will resume on Friday.


One month of blogging

One month ago I started my new blogging project. It has been a tremendous experience. I thought I would publish a short blog today to announce what has happened to the blog in the last month.

Let me first thank my subscribers. I have 13 followers that have chosen to subscribe to the blog site. Subscribing means that they get an automated email as soon as the next blog post is published.

I posted three times each week. In April, 13 blog posts were published. The site has received 37 comments by 10 readers. More people link to the site from Facebook than any other platform.

The site’s top five most popular posts were:

  1. Life is a test
  2. Keeping Momentum
  3. Hand me that rake: Tools for results
  4. Everything deteriorates
  5. Come clean: Turning a wrong in to a right and coming out ahead

The site now has seven categories (Accountability, Evaluation, Motivation, Personal Development, Planning, Producing, Relationships) and 103 tags (most commonly used are motivation, results, and success).

Not surprisingly, the site’s busiest day was my big launch day when I sent personalized emails to most everyone I know. I also announced on Facebook. The site’s second busiest day was the day after the announcement (also not surprising). So if I throw out those days statistically, the sites busiest day was Friday, April 22.

You will see a lot of improvements to the site in the coming month and year. In addition to Facebook, I can also be followed now on Twitter.

Thank you for supporting the site and for your personal support of me. I hope you have a great week. Normal posting will resume on Wednesday.

Does anything in April’s summary surprise you? What do you find most interesting? Read other people’s comments here or post your own comment.


Change in blogging

I have been blogging now for over two months. I have really enjoyed being able to share my experiences, ideas, and lessons that I have learned with you. This project is an experiment.


An experiment to me is when you try something to see how it works then make a change to see how that works. I have decided to make a change in my publishing schedule. Starting next week, I will reduce my blogging schedule from three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) to two times per week (Tuesday and Thursday).

I am making this change for several reasons. This change has nothing to do with a lack of ideas. I have so many ideas and topics for posts that I don’t know what to do with them all. I feel that the recent quality of the content in each post isn’t as rich as I think it deserves to be.

A basic advantage from this change is that it will provide more time to improve the quality of each post. Some of you (the readers) might also appreciate the reduced schedule. I have some posts that I get behind in reading because the posts come out so frequently. Reducing the frequency will allow some of you to be able to keep up. I will also have some additional time to make improvements to the web site. You will see some neat changes in the coming weeks.

A disadvantage I know will be at least a perceived lower expectation. I may loose some of you as readers because you will think “Chris isn’t as serious about this as I thought he was”.

If you continue reading and subscribing to this blog post, I welcome your feedback to let me know if I am truly improving the quality of the content. This project will continue to be an experiment and I will continue to make changes. Some day I may be posting every day, but until I create that routine groove it will be twice a week for now.

Let me know your thoughts about this change.


Why do I blog?

Bloggers will often write about why they blog. All bloggers have their own reasons. My blogging is a means to and end in several different ways.

I was teased and made fun of a lot growing up. As an early teen I had low self esteem. I have a learning disability and really struggled through school. I was a slow reader (still am but I still read). Because of this, I didnt like school or do well in school. I was never expected to go to college (although I have a bachelors degree now). I started to believe I wasn’t going to do much with my life.

I began to get out of that rut and started to become more than what people thought I would be. I looked for ways that I could be efficient.

I decided to start reading. I found a way to enjoy reading. I remain a slow reader but have improved my reading speed and comprehension. I read what motivates me. Through reading I have learned a lot about finding inspiration, creating systems that make me better organized, and accessing motivation through other people’s examples. If you can relate, then this blog is intended for you.

Have you ever said, “If I knew then what I know now . . . “? I blog to share my experiences. I am driven to help people like me so that they can find inspiration to make a difference in their lives and the lives of other people.

I like sharing resources that I have found and have helped me. Most of these resources are very simple and easy to implement. It is diligence and persistence that is hard. Its hard to make the time to find these tools. This blog is to put that information in one place that is easy to find and use.

The topics you find here will not be perfect. I expect to have spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. You may be an English teacher or think that it ruins the credibility of the blog to have mistakes. I am writing to people who can see past that. I believe it is the content that is even more important than having it perfect. I will make corrections and edits as readers like you let me know (and I appreciate every correction).

Thank you for reading and especially for your comments.


Exploring the Wonder and Staying Alive

Backpacking has become a hugely popular sport in the Cascade Range. One small example is the climb from Paradise to Camp Muir on Rainier. Decades ago it was mostly reserved for true climbers. Now it is not unusual to see hundreds of people there in a good week. The frightening part: a noticeable percentage makes the five mile climb and one mile elevation gain across Muir Snow Field in tennis shoes, tank tops and shorts. You want to invite death on Rainier? That is a good way to do it.

People get enthralled with the magnificence of a place like Muir. They get to the edge and decide to go just a little further. Once onto the snow field, the adrenaline rush is blinding and so the unprepared wander on.

One suggestion: Don’t. If you go to Paradise or any other place similar in the Cascades, Olympics or Rockies, take your time. Get a taste for what this is all about. If you have never backpacked or climbed, investigate the full potential of the sport and go into it knowing what you are doing so that you can come down to share your stories.

Climbs like Muir are too easy to get to for the novice and too difficult to know when to turn back. Take a year to learn about equipment. Boots, socks, tents, backpacks, food and every protection for the body are essential for a trip that could be the event of a lifetime. It is worth the effort to go to places like Muir, but only if you are prepared. Muir alone can make storms in a matter of minutes. Prepared with the right equipment, you can sit it out and learn what life outside of civilization really is. Get caught in the storm with a tank-top, shorts and tennis shoes and learning ends.

Begin with local ranger stations and climbing clubs. You will find some of the most wonderful people in both and they are fully willing to help you get started so you can so you can continue see the wonder . . . alive.


Giving Instead of Taking

Giving is a lot more fun than taking. When was the last time you were not able to make yourself smile when you saw the face of a four year old child receiving a double-scoop ice cream cone? The child definitely enjoyed the gift, but any adult who appreciates kids will tell you that these events of giving stick. They changes who you are.

Taking fulfills needs but often the needs are there due to mind altering situations in life that provided you with the impetus to take. In other words the needs are false. Taking occurs only when there is pain involved. You won’t take when you are full of love, happy, and ultimately satisfied with who you are. It’s not natural if you are a stable person.

Counter that. If you are a stable person and your life is suddenly dissolved into a frenzy of loss, the brain stem takes over and you are no longer you. It is then normal to take. It’s called animal instinct to survive under derisive conditions. Consequently normal can have two opposing meanings. Normal under what conditions?

Western society was primarily built on doing for self. It’s not healthy according to the standards of those who have the ability to think for themselves completely enough to see that they are not separated from the rest of society. However, business practices, theories and many colleges that teach business still depend on the idea that business works best under competition and under competition the number one rule is take. Knowing this, one realizes the controversial world that we live in teaches two opposing philosophies simultaneously: Good people give. Successful people take. This has created a delusional outlook among most, thinking that they are good people as they practice the capitalistic norm. Schizophrenia ensues. Society is sick. The human mind has a habit of self-punishment when it feels it is doing something wrong. It’s a common psychological malady.

What has caused the schizophrenic condition of society? People. Who is responsible for finding health again? Watch the kid with the ice cream. It’ll come to you.


Overcoming Addiction with Yoga

Among the many aids to overcoming substance abuse and addiction, exercise – and especially yoga – can be very effective. Replacing a counterproductive habit with a productive has shown to be useful in dealing with addiction.

The Benefits of Yoga

Most forms of exercise are beneficial in general, and especially when it comes to fighting substance abuse. Yoga in particular supports and provides strength in the ongoing evolution of self. Yoga is able to nurture the body in a supportive and gentle yet substantial way. More than merely physical exercise, yoga is a type of psychology that starts with the physical body, and ultimately affects the entire person, inside and out. Becoming more attuned to one’s body, the universe expands – you feel more expansive in body and spirit. Through the practice of yoga, appreciation for the body and its abilities is harnessed. There is a sense of inner serenity that accompanies the strengthening of the mind/body connection.

Yoga creates a sense of reconnection; in fact, the word itself translates to unity – the unity of body, mind, and spirit that lends a sense of completion that we spend our lives searching for. Yoga inspires and nurtures many positive feelings: a sense of being part of something larger than ourselves, a sense of awareness, peace, acceptance, confidence, being present, being a part of something meaningful and true. It feels like a rediscovery of self – finding once again something that was always there but had been lost along the way.

Yoga can be beneficial in the following ways:

  • Strength building
  • Increased sense of peace, self awareness, and self-compassion; decreased anxiety.
  • Increased flexibility, range of motion, poise, balance and cardiovascular conditioning
  • Stress management
  • Better posture
  • Weight Management

Most of the benefits of yoga could prove to be helpful in the battle against drugs or alcohol. It doesn’t hurt to try it!

Expand Your Wardrobe With Country Music Shirts and Accessories

If you love country music and enjoy promoting the industry, be sure to check out fashion items inspired by some of America’s favorite artists from the the country music scene. You can find a variety of items from t-shirts with your favorite musician’s face on them to bracelets sporting a band’s name.

Hot Topic recently released a line of music-inspired items. The company’s back-to-school campaign featured photos of the Jane Dear Girls, Gloriana, Brad Paisley, Lady Antebellum, the Eli Young Band, and other county music performers.

While the line features many of today’s hottest country singers, you can also find clothing and accessories for classic country music icons such as Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, and Willie Nelson. The Johnny Cash concert bill t-shirt features its namesake. Other items blend classic black and white photos with catchy sayings.

To help narrow down your search, you can browse items by band name, artist name, genre, or price. If you need to pay attention to your budget, the buy-one-get-one section, known as BOGO, may be the place to look.

In addition to selling clothing and accessories, the store also carries the CDs for the country music performers featured on its clothing and jewelry. You can pre-order upcoming releases and be one of the first fans to have the album in hand.

You never know when you’ll find a new band to add to your collection, but the store’s bestseller list may help you identify a new group or singer. If you like what you hear on the CD, you can come back and order t-shirts, bracelets, hats, bags, wallets, or vinyl cutouts.

Wear your fan gear to the next concert, and you may be able to get your favorite musician to autograph your shirt or bag.rnrn


Decorate Your Home With Harmony for Home by Reba McEntire

From reversible patterns to matching accessories, Reba McEntire’s line Harmony for Home has features designed to appeal to today’s woman. Dillard’s joins with the country music icon to bring her sense of style into your home. Enjoy 400-thread cotton sheet sets, luxurious comforters, bath mats, matching curtains, and more with this line of products.

The Stratford collection features a leaf-scroll damask in mosses, chocolate, taupe, and bronze. Complete the look with five decorative pillows. The reversible pillows feature the same color pattern with solid colors enhanced by embroidered stripes on one side.