Food scene in Chiang Mai is pretty awesome. The street food of Chiang Mai is phenomenal, just like in most of the main cities in Thailand. You can cheap and delicious food for minimal prices.

You can find some of the best street food scenes of Thailand in Chiang Mai, and you will have to pay no more than 50 baht, and as little as just 25 baht for a single filling meal. Most of the restaurants with local cuisine will cost you 80 baht per meal, while western food begins at at least 170 baht and goes up from there.

Drinking can be an issue in Chiang Mai budget-wise, with the beer costing around 60 baht, and cocktails for almost double and sometimes triple that amount, you will surely feel the sting of empty wallet if you went to a bar in Chiang Mai. A small tip, instead of getting beers from the bars, buy them from a 7-11 store, it will save you as much as 30 baht for a can.