Have you ever walked into a room feeling that something is missing? It’s often the lack of trims. Not that all homes without trims are naked and of no interest. It has to do with the overall wall décor and furnishing approach. But if we are talking about ways to keep walls interesting and trying to find ways to add texture in the room, there is no better approach than wainscoting installation and ceiling molding.

Are they both right for your home? With today’s abundance in wainscoting designs and trims, there are options for all homes. So it’s not really a question of whether or not wainscoting and ceiling moldings would be the right solutions for your home as to which ones to choose for your residence.

How to choose the right wainscoting & crown molding for your home

There are four factors, which influence your choice on wainscoting panels and crown moldings.

  • Ceiling height
  • Room style
  • Interior design
  • Desired visual effect

Your intention is most likely to install a modern wainscoting and crown molding to make the room look higher and thus spacious. You probably want to increase elegance, add an architectural interest, and make the room look friendly. If you select the wrong trims in terms of size, you might bring the ceiling down. And that’s bad if the ceiling is already low. In order to give the expected visual effects, you need to remember certain rules.

  • Wainscoting ideas must follow the rules of scale & proportion. The panel must cover the right proportion of the wall to enable the eye to travel upwards.
  • And all trims must be proportional too. The crown molding might not be as thick as the base with mathematical precision but they must both have an equal weight. If one of the two is disproportional, it will ruin the balance in the room.
  • It’s important to pay attention to the style of the room and stick with the existing interior design without making the room too stuffy. So if the room is ornate, you can still use ornate instead of simple crown molding designs unless you want to keep clean lines.
  • If the ceiling is high, you can do what you want with the wainscot and install thick crown molding too. But if the ceiling is low, it takes extra attention. In such rooms, trims must be slim and the wall panel must come up 1/3 on the wall max.

To use or not the same wainscot and ceiling molding in the entire house

Since the room style play a role to which wainscoting design ideas you will use and which ceiling molding you will install, consider these details. Are all ceilings in the house of the same height? Do you keep the same décor style in every room? If you answer ‘yes’ to both questions, then having the same (or similar) profiles for wainscot panels and ceiling trims would create a sense of uniformity.

How to make trims exciting and interesting

On the other hand, you might want to give each room a particular style or keep the bathroom in a clean cut line with a white beadboard. You might want to use more complex molding designs for the living room or dining room. Other tricks you can do include:

  • Instead of installing a flat panel, you can just trim the wall with molding to give the impression there is a floor-to-ceiling wainscoting without actually having it.
  • A similar approach would be to install a base and chair rail and decorate the space in between with frames to give the appearance of wainscoting.
  • You can actually dress the entire wall with a wainscoting panel or keep it tall and let the cap act as a shelf.
  • Install a dual bottom skirting as a base and paint them in different colors to let them stand out creating a dramatic effect.
  • As for the crown molding, you can install a double layer with a cover in between.

You can only install a base and ceiling molding and use other wall decorations instead of installing a wainscot.

What’s the verdict?

Homes become interesting when the rooms are dressed with modern wainscoting panels and crown molding. So the answer is clear and straight-forward: yes, wainscoting and crown molding will look great at your home too as long as you pay attention to details, which have to do with scale and proportion, design, and style. After all, there are many combinations you can make using thick or slim, ornate or simple crown moulding and tall, short, and simple wainscots, or wainscoting panels with deep profiles. So, start by measuring, paying attention to your style and finding the right products for each room.