My name is Christopher Jones and this is my personal blog. A vision that I have had for a long time is to write a book. This site is where I will share ideas that may become part of the book. I will post blogs about three times each week on topics that inspire honest living, personal leadership, and productivity.

My hope is that this blog will be a resource that provides inspiration you can use in your personal and professional life.

I welcome your feedback in the comments area whether they are compliments, new ideas, or opposing ideas. I promise to share all real comments without filtering (unless it is purely hateful or spam).

From time to time I may even reward people with the most comments to this blog. Even if it is short, please add a comment.

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I grew up in a middle class family in Centerville, Ohio (a suburb of Dayton). My parents live in Ohio and I have a younger brother who lives wherever the Air Force relocates him and his family.

After graduating college I began my professional career at a LexisNexis call center where I worked for 11 years. This is where I learned about leadership, personal responsibly, and accountability. It is where I grew up professionally. It is also where I discovered my passion as a speaker and trainer.

I later worked at the Center for Leadership & Executive Development at the University of Dayton’s School of Business. This is where I learned how to build relationships and the benefits of networking. It is also where I discovered that a key to becoming a professional speaker is publishing a book.

I currently work for a Fortune 500 company where I have the opportunity to create and deliver training (technical and professional development). Here I have been able to speak at several industry conferences. I have also delivered training to international audiences in Europe and Brazil.

My wife Missy and I have been married for twenty years. We have two daughters and a son. We live near Richmond, Virginia.

I enjoy doing things with my family, reading, kayaking, biking, and exploring.


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