Burning down the house


It’s only human to want to give someone what they deserve. When someone has done you wrong, your emotions can let your mind wander by imagining what it would be like to tell someone off, tell your boss what they can do with their job, or tell someone how offensive they are. I’ve had my . . . → Read More: Burning down the house

One man’s story to find more time


I have always loved the Army commercial from 1981. The tag line was, “In the Army, we do more before 9 am than most people do all day.” I’ve always thought it was a great concept to aspire to accomplish something great during the day before anyone else even gets started.


A . . . → Read More: One man’s story to find more time

Rewriting your notes. Are you kidding?


What do people do in meetings, during phone calls, in conversations, during class and even sometimes in church? These are when we take notes. We take notes because it is important enough to remember or reference later. But, what happens when you try to find that note again? I know that I will waste . . . → Read More: Rewriting your notes. Are you kidding?

A distracted life


We allow ourselves to be distracted. Yes, I said we “allow” distractions. I will defend distractions by saying “I can’t help it”. But that is ridiculous. I have complete control of choosing to be distracted or not.


I define a distraction as anything that interrupts or stops your progress to . . . → Read More: A distracted life

One year of accountability


A year ago I rang in 2011 at a neighborhood New Year’s Eve party. At that party I had a conversation with a good friend who also has similar aspirations as I do. In a conversation at the party we both talked about our desire to really make 2011 extraordinarily better than any previous . . . → Read More: One year of accountability

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