Disagreements that turn to an argument. Don't get stung.


We have all experienced a disagreement with someone. Sometimes the disagreement is mild. Other times it is a full fledged argument. What causes a disagreement to escalate to something more emotional like an argument?

When the disagreement escalates, a natural tendency during the escalation is to polarize against each other. The . . . → Read More: Disagreements that turn to an argument. Don’t get stung.

Change in blogging


I have been blogging now for over two months. I have really enjoyed being able to share my experiences, ideas, and lessons that I have learned with you. This project is an experiment.


An experiment to me is when you try something to see how it works then make a change to see . . . → Read More: Change in blogging

Why do I blog?


Bloggers will often write about why they blog. All bloggers have their own reasons. My blogging is a means to and end in several different ways.

I was teased and made fun of a lot growing up. As an early teen I had low self esteem. I have a learning disability . . . → Read More: Why do I blog?

You are lying to yourself. You won't remember.


When you make a commitment, how d0 you follow-through? How often have you told yourself, “Oh, I’ll remember that.”, but then later realized that you forgot? Everyone has the good intent of remembering or doing it later. How often do you really remember? It’s amazing how complex our brains are and how much information . . . → Read More: You are lying to yourself. You won’t remember.

Welcome pain as you make a change


Most of us know that we need to make changes in our lives. Change can enrich our lives or the lives of others. Change can also help you become a better and more effective person. The change may be relatively minor or it could be a major life change. Either way it is going . . . → Read More: Welcome pain as you make a change

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