Simply Coaching: LinkedIn #6 – beef up your profile

LinkedIn Flag

“Isn’t listing my work history on my LinkedIn profile good enough?” It is important to update your profile as things change for you professionally. Someone who has changed jobs, received a new title, or left an organization but has not updated their profile can create a perception that they don’t keep their information current. It […]

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Simply Coaching: LinkedIn #5 – your profile picture

Grey Head

“Why do I need a picture for my LinkedIn profile? Isn’t it a little vain to publish a picture of myself?” Simply said, you need a profile picture. LinkedIn provides a default grey portrait, but that is a placeholder. Too many people keep the grey profile for a variety of reasons; sense of anonymity, don’t […]

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Simply Coaching: LinkedIn #4 – What is an endorsement?

LinkedIn Endorsements

“People in my LinkedIn network have endorsed me. What does that mean? Should I endorse people in my LinkedIn network?” LinkedIn allows those in your network to endorse your skills and experience. It is simply a way for people in your network to recommend your skills and experience. When sending LinkedIn network invitations, I suggest […]

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Simply Coaching: LinkedIn #3 – Dealing with “Join my network” invitations

LinkedIn Invitation

“How do I manage my LinkedIn network?” There are several schools of thought when managing your LinkedIn network. 500+ connections Some simply see it as a numbers game. They try to grow the number of their people in their network as large as they can. If you get more than 500+ LinkedIn connections, LinkedIn will […]

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